Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies

marketing strategy is a plan of action to achieve long term goals or aim of organization

Marketing Strategies are six major types

1.Market scope strategy 2.Market entry strategy

3.Market product strategy 4.Market promotion strategy

5.Market distribution strategy 6.Market pricing strategy

Market scope strategy

Market scope strategies are 3 types

1.Single market scope strategy

– it serve the market wholeheartedly and only have a single market

2.Multy market scope strategy

– it have a different geographical market and it has two components

( i )competitive pricing

( ii).new product introduction

3.Total market scope strategy

it serves the entire spectrum of the market with differentiated product to different segment.

Market Entry Strategy

this is very crucial strategy in the market.This strategy is decides how the company can entire in a particular market. this market is full with costumers.

1 First entry strategy

they are innovators or risk takers. they innovate a particular product.( ex: Johnson & Johnson bay )

2.Early entry strategy

those who inter in the market just after the first innovates. (ex:- me me brand)

3. Laggards entry strategy

those entrants who enter very late in the market (ex: Himalaya baby brand)

Product strategy

This is very important strategy. because the product is the main part of every types.

there are five types

1.product positioning strategy

you are positioning your product in the mind of a customer and making your product stand out of the crud(other competitor)

2.product repositioning strategy

when your product is already positioned in the market, you have to revive whether it is working or not and take the corrective steps to newly repositioning the product in the market to mind your costumers.

3.product scope strategy

deals with the marketing mixes of this strategy. you have to decide what kind of marketing mix to use this strategy.

4.product design strategy

deals with the standardization of the product.

5.New product strategy

in this strategy companies bring the new version of the product.

relaunch the product as a new product

Promotion strategy

this is three types

1. Promotion mix strategy

deals with the different promotion mixes of the company. there are five types.

  1. product factor
  2. Market factor
  3. costumer factor
  4. Budget factor

2. Media selection stategy

deals with the selection of the media channel

3. Advertising copy strategy

the company select the content of the particular advertisement which they are going to advertise their products.

Distribution strategy

there are two types of distribution strategy.

1. distribution scope strategy

company established the scope of the product( target matket)

2. Multi-pal channel strategy

company decide the different channel which they going to adopt for the distribution of their goods for their particular services.

Pricing strategy

their are four types

1.Pricing for new product

skimming :-company choose the higher price for the product

penetration:-company choose lower price for the product

2. Pricing for established product

the company choose going rate approach is following the price of the leader of the particular competitor in the market

3.Pricing flexibility strategy

one price :- one price for all costumers

flexible price:-different price for different customers

4.Pricing leadership strategy this strategy adopted by leader of the market

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